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The Free Lead System Forever
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The New Free Lead System & You Can Keep It Forever

Power Lead System

The Free Lead System - Your System To Obtain Unlimited Free Leads Forever

Chances are if you have stumbled on this blog it is because you are interested in obtaining more information about the Free Lead System offered through the Power Lead System (PLS) Business Marketing Suite/Opportunity? Let me first introduce myself...My name is Andrea Robbins and I have been in and out of the network marketing business for many years.  I use to do direct sales but now much of my focus is on mainly on online marketing.  I'm not sure about you but it seems a lot easier to market to like minded individuals instead of chasing down your Warm list as most business opportunities still to this day tell you to do.

About eight months ago I ran across a company that offered a Free Lead System Forever. I  I really didn't give it much thought at first until the person that introduced it to me continued to send me emails about the system.  It seemed that he was using one of the system's features which is unlimited emails to your lists.  I am so thankful that I decided to open that email that day.  Because I never would have had the opportunity to see all the bells and whistles that the Free Lead System had to offer.

Fast forward a few months ago I was informed by the owner of the company that created PLS prior to its Pre-Launch status that it was going to be rolling out before the end of the year.  Let me tell you the man of God who assisted with the customization of this system has been a network marketer, small business owner and trainer for leaders in the industry such as Anthony Robbins.  He has been in our shoes and knows ample about how to make custom systems.  So it wasn't a surprise to me to learn that they were going to take all the great features from the Priceless Possibilities Free Lead System and roll them into a unique system with new added features and a twist to the 100% compensation model (if you decided to share the opportunity).

The Power Lead System

Let me explain how the Free Lead System works:  Someone shares this unique lead generating opportunity to you and then you are supplied with your very own link to share.  You are given a Free Lead System Forever that you can share with others which can generate unlimited leads.  Let's just say for example purposes you decide to upgrade to the Premium Membership because you have decided that you don't want to give away half of all your leads you generate by using the Free Lead System for FREE.  You upgrade to a premium membership and then have the ability to use all the features (will discuss a few shortly) and never pass up another lead to the person that introduced you to the system.  Now you have access to everything and all your leads.

If anyone that you referred is smart like you and they decide that they don't want to pass up every other lead they generate to you and they upgrade.  You are compensated when that person becomes a Premium Member.  This continues to happen through INFINITY.  Yes that's not a mistake you have the ability to be paid through unlimited levels.  So not only your referrals but your referrals referrals who never upgrade will continue to pass up leads and or/sales.  The Free Lead System is a Win-Win situation...Here you have a All-In-One Marketing/Lead Generation System that allows individuals to use for FREE (Choice Is Theirs) in exchange for them to pass up half their leads.  Should they decide to Upgrade they will get to keep them all and now become Income Qualified through Infinity.

Now for a few featured highlights offered by PLS's Free Lead System:  Do you pay for Auto-Responders like Aweber, Get Response, Email Chimp, What about Lead Capture, Sales and/or Landing Pages, Websites, Video, Email Postcards to your lists...these features are needed by any business that is wanting to have a presence online.  They also can add up to a pretty nice monthly expense when you purchase them all separately.  The features that are being offered by PLS are too many to name in one blog post but they cost less than a cup of coffee per day and you have unlimited access to the features.  Here's A Sneak Peek:

Power Lead System

What would you do with that additional revenue that you would save each month?  I'm sure I could find a great use for it.   So when you add up the savings it doesn't make much sense not to take a peek at the PREMIUM VERSION:  Right now we have a Seven (7) day FREE trial CLICK HERE to sign-up to get your FREE LEAD SYSTEM & Chance to participate in the 100 percent accelerated leverage compensation for your referrals.  We are in Pre-Launch Stage for the Free Lead System so if you have any questions please call, text or email me.  Until next time - Stay Blessed!!!





Power Lead System







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