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Travis Steel - Vleaf - Leaf International Review - Why Are So Many Big Leaders Joining It?


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Vleaf - Leaf International Review - Why Are So Many Big Leaders Joining It?
Business Opportunities
by Travis Steel


What is VLEAF and why are so many big leaders joining it?

Vleaf or Leaf international is a brand new online advertising company that has integrated a social media aspect to online advertising with their SWO social web optimizer.

The V in Vleaf comes from vision being the long term vision and mission that vLeaf has to become the premier online advertising company.

Vleaf have a home business side where people can choose to share in the daily revenue generated by the company in exchange for marketing efforts and bringing in new businesses to the social web optimizer.

Vleaf have many products or features within its advertising such as

The SWO (social Web Optimizer)

Social Media


VLeaf ad spot


So why are so many big leaders joining Vleaf?

Many leaders from Empower Network, Bidxcel, Banners Broker, Solavei and other companies have flocked to Vleaf for the amazing compensation plan.

I saw a similar compensation plan used by a company last year to great effect where they created many millionaires however they lacked a truly strong business model.

The Vleaf compensation plan is the most lucrative I have ever seen so to put it simply I would say the draw card is the money to be made and is currently being made.

See for yourself with some of the people on my team with their VLEAF proof:


Here are some Vleaf testimonials from our Facebook team group:

Vleaf legal Compliance

Vleaf have ensured they have an ironclad and sustainable business model and have had top MLM lawyer Kevin Thompson go over it with a fine tooth comb and also put together a compliance course for all members to undertake prior to starting.

Vleaf have a dedicated compliance department to monitor every aspect of the company and also to find any possible compliance breaches by themselves or by any independent distributors.

See the vleaf IDS here:

To find out more details on the Vleaf products and compensation plan go to my blog here.

To join my VLeaf team you can click the pictures above and open a free account where you can get free advertising for your website.

I am currently working on building my Vleaf teams downline by promoting for them to ensure my whole team succeeds and will do the same should you join my Vleaf team.

To find out how you can make great money blogging, get your blog and videos ranked on page 1 of Google like I do then click here to find out more.

To see the proof of my rankings see my blog here.

VLeaf is changing lives mine included, make the choice and let it change yours also.


If you enjoyed my Vleaf /Leaf international review then please leave a comment, like it and share it.

I look forward to working with you soon

Vleaf Rocks!


Travis Steel

-The Rock And Roll Marketer

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