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Leaf International Review
Business Opportunities
by Travis Steel

Leaf International Review

Leaf is an advertising company designed for businesses to get online exposure through paid and free advertising. Leaf have a revolutionary social web optimizer or SWO. the Leaf SWO is a social media platform for people and businesses to connect and search with ease via the leaf search engine that shows websites to viewers targeted by interest, location, category, preference, etc...

Leaf will have a very simple to use interface similar to many of the already existing social networks.

This will make Leaf a much sort after advertising platform for all businesses who want an online presence.

Leaf Products and features

Leaf Coupons

Place Coupons for your website, product or service.

Coupons are displayed in the SWO, the Leaf Content

Network, and in your personal or business pro­file.

This is a free service for Leaf advertisers.


Leaf Social Media

The Advertising Network is also available in the Leaf Social

Community, which allows users to view, bookmark, like,

report, interact and connect with advertisers throughout

the Leaf network.


The Leaf Ad Spot

All advertisements and coupons in Leaf are available in one

easy to view location in the Leaf Ad Spot. Search, sort, and

bookmark any Advertisement in the Leaf system.


Social Web Optimizer (SWO)

Your site is placed in the Optimizer and receives both traffic

and user ratings. Your site engages directly with targeted

Viewers who view your site and offer you valuable feedback

using both a Star Rating system and Leaf’s Advanced Rating

and Review system.


What are Leafs requirements?

Advertisements must be approved by Leaf and can only be

linked to websites that have also been approved by Leaf

Leaf want to steer clear of the MLM and making money online industry businesses and may not allow them.

Leaf Compensation plan

1. Product Sales Commissions: There are no recruiting requirements to make commissions on product sales although it is encouraged because then you can earn commissions off of the lower levels. Leaf pay on 3 levels for products and up to 3 levels for advertising (you start at 2 levels but can qualify to get the 3rd). This will be extremely lucrative if you have 100’s or 1000’s on the 3rd level of your Leaf business.

2. Daily Rebate Pool: The Leaf Daily Rebate Pool earnings are paid from Leaf advertising sales each day.

Based on the amount of active Leaf ad credits (one dollar equals one ad credit in value). You can earn up to a 1.5% or 4% daily rebate, depending on account type and qualifications on your active ad credits. The Daily Rebate % is based on the volume of Leaf advertising sales per day.

If advertising sales volume is low, it will be reflected in the Daily Rebate %. Active ad credits retire after 90 days. Ad credits must be applied to be active. There is 20% re-purchase requirement to maintain stability.

Leaf daily requirements:

Surf 20 sites, giving a star rating for each site,

Completing 3 advanced ratings in a day

Post an ad about Leaf on the web (sources provided by Leaf with Facebook integration (which the company will provide) and other ways to make it simple.

Must have 1 recruited Leaf associate to cash out earnings.

Maximum Leaf ad credit value is $200,000 and maximum daily purchase for associates is $10,000 per day. You can earn up to $8,000 per day just with the Leaf Daily Rebate Pool.

3. Leaf have a 3x9 Forced Matrix: This requires 3 personally referred Leaf affiliates that purchase product packages. Leafs forced matrix is compressed, Up to 29,526 affiliates can be in each matrix. You can make $2,000 to $10,000 per day depending on product package types Leaf affiliate's purchase.

Leaf International employed the services of top MLM attorney Kevin Thompson to ensure the stability and longevity of the business.

Leaf require all associates and affiliates to undergo a compliance course to ensure everyone knows the regulations, their rights and obligations.

Leaf international is currently in soft launch so is free to open an account here:

Even as a free Leaf affiliate you can earn commissions.

To find out more watch the leaf webinar here:

I currently work with a Leaf team that have a support network and complete marketing system in place that will greatly benefit anyone who chooses to work with us.

I believe Leaf International will become the premier choice of online advertiser and will become the most lucrative home business.


Leaf rocks!

Travis Steel

-The Rock And Roll Marketer

See the leaf income disclosure statement here:

See my Leaf review video below

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