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High Yield Investment- The Best Hyip
Wealth Building
by Travis Steel


What is the best HYIP?

I have been a property investor and an online investor so I have made high yield investment in my time and I have seen many people are confused as to what exactly a high yield investment is.

A high yield investment can be any investment that produces a large return on the money originally paid.

So anything can be placed in this classification from blue chip stocks, residential property, necessary infrastructure, retirement funds (superannuation or 401k) to online investment schemes.

I see so many people think that a HYIP is an online ponzi scheme where some shonky wannabe stock market trader takes investors money and claims to use it to trade with but actually uses new investors money to pay the older investors a commission, when this is not the case.

That’s not to say this scenario doesn’t happen, I have unknowingly been involved in a couple of them where I am sure this has been the case.

So how do you know what is a good high yield investment program?

The best thing to do is to research the company and the owner first.

Then search forums to see what other investors are saying about the company and what kind of return they are receiving,

Whether they have had withdrawals,

How long the company has been in operation,

Where the money is coming from,

And what investments they are making if any.

There are also many high yield investment (HYIP) monitor sites that watch over many companies to help protect investors and warn them if companies are scamming people.

The monitor sites are only specific to online investment programs and not all types of high yield investments.

The best HYIP / high yield investment program

While property and infrastructure can seem like the best investment there are factors that make this thought a fallacy.

For one you must outlay a huge amount of money to begin with and in most cases put yourself in debt with a bank loan so now the so called investment has now become a liability. You now have to pay an even bigger amount over a long period of time and the bank/institution won’t let you exit the loan at any stage without a fee.

I was lucky when I made a residential property purchase in 2002 and sold it in 2004 making a whopping 100k profit even after paying the bank exit fees for terminating the loan early.

The property investment market is a lot more stable and jumps like that take many more years than I had the pleasure of experiencing.

I am currently in a couple of online high yield investments and they have proven to be some of the best, most reliable, sustainable and produce a high return on investment.

As you can see the online advertising market is a multi billion dollar a year industry as is the network marketing/ direct sales industry.

On that note my highest recommendation is Leaf International.

While Leaf say they are a advertising and social media company with a multilevel marketing option, they technically can be classed as a high yield investment program.

You can purchase online advertising and receive a return on investment everyday where the money paid out is generated revenue from the company’s profits.

The company’s profits come from online advertisers not other investors this makes the company legal in the eyes of industry watchdogs like the SEC.

The return on investment varies according to the daily profit margin.

The best HYIP / high yield investment program

My second highest recommendation is Ad Hit Profits.

They are a high yield investment that also has online advertising as a product.

Ad hit profits pay a percentage each day per advertising package you purchase based on the generated revenue generated each day.

Typically the profits come from people using the company to make money not actual businesses using the Ad hit profits platform for its advertising power.

Ad hit profits are legal and sustainable because the additional advertising products are banners, solo ads, text ads and cost per click ads which are non commissionable purchases where the profits go back in to pay its affiliates who have purchased the investment/commissionable advertising.

If you would like to find out more about the high yield investments please click the appropriate highlighted text to read my blog on the company.

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I look forward to working with you and living in abundance.

I am off to go and see a heavy metal band now and try and spend a day’s worth of earnings if I can hahaha.



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