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Al King - Mlm News Cedric Harris Explains His Move


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Mlm News Cedric Harris Explains His Move
by Al King

MLM News Cedric Harris explains His Move

Just the other day we reported a real big story in the MLM world concerning Cedric Harris. As news spread throughout the online mlm world, that Cedric Harris was no longer going to be part of Visalus, several people voiced their opinions on this move.  Some were very unhappy with this announcement, but, Mr. Harris seems to be prepared for the various reactions that people would have - as he leaves one company, others began to wonder just where he was going to land next.

We found out!

We have the LIVE Call that Cedric Harris held on April 1st, where he explains why he had to make the decision that he made, leaving behind a company that he had been promoting, faithfully for more than a year. However, as the co-founder of IMToolsuite, and someone who's "Always been A Multi-preneur..." as he says several times on this call, and a video we have too - This really is about being able to earn money from Multiple Streams - rather than Just One Stream - which a lot of "leaders" in the mlm industry have been getting louder and louder about, over the past year.

Cedric Harris Speaks Live On Leaving Visalus - Listen to the entire Call from the 1st of April, where we all heard for ourselves that this was no joke. This was real. This made perfect sense as well because in MLM We tell people who have jobs not to put all of their eggs into ONE basket, namely, their Job - because if something should happen to their job - there go all of their eggs.

In MLM, it's no different, and yet this is how several leaders have been asking their teams to approach the industry; This is especially the case with Visalus. I say this based on my own experiences with distributors of Visalus - and not because of anything connected to what Cedric Harris says about the company, the distributors, or the company owners - He actually has a lot of class in how he Exits this business relationship, which is never easy - as often people take business decisions "personally" - and hopefully that will not be the case, between Visalus, and Cedric Harris.

Now, as promised, we also have obtained information on Where Cedric Harris Is going. He has announced what MLM Company he is going into, while doing a beautiful job of explaining how important it is to be with a company in MLM That allows you, as a distributor, to make money in Multiple Places. This is a MUST for all networkers in the industry today.

Tim Sales even says this in a Video That is not On YouTube - when he announced his Return to the Industry, to join Arix - that there are 'clauses' that you and I do not read when we join most of these MLM Companies.

Many networkers find themselves with their hands tied, as they get higher and higher in that company.

This is why, like several other "Top MLM Leaders" who have left other companies before, Cedric Harris Leaves simply because he needed a Better Fit for Cedric Harris - I really like how he asks All current Visalus Reps NOT to watch his Video; However, I'm Not Mr. Harris --- SO if you really WANT to watch it and you're currently with Visalus - You have my permission - I think what he's sharing is very valuable just from an informational standpoint.

IF you're ever really wondering why a TOP money earner would "leave" a company where they are living the dream ... doing all the things you wish you could do - then why not listen to the reasons they give you?

Here it is - Where Cedric Harris Is Going - The Big Announcement that many people are waiting for ... after the other Big announcement that was made - Big MLM News Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus - there are so many people that are simply going to Follow Cedric Harris into anything does, so he is going to make money with his next move. That being said, there is much to be said, about having a "System" in place if you want to make money in more than one mlm structured program at a time.

This is naturally why the 1mlmsystem was created - to allow several people to work together, using mlm as a vehicle to make money, without being tied down to a company and limited to what we can sell.

Bravo to Cedric Harris for stepping up and making this move, as it sends a statement to the Many Followers of his, who also had been "sticking to one company" - perhaps, because that's what they had seen their mentor doing for the past year. I look forward to what he does next - until then, here's to your success!

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