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Al King - Make Money With Apps Rippln Red Flags - It Might Be Bait And Switch


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Make Money With Apps Rippln Red Flags - It Might Be Bait And Switch
Mobile Apps
by Al King

Make Money With Apps: RippLN Red Flags Cause Concern - Might want to Avoid this one!

By now you're under a rock ... or just not involved in the network marketing industry if you have not heard of RippLN. I say this because just about everyone in the MLM world has been invited to join by now. It's attractive to several of us looking to make money with apps. The Mobile App Market is so huge and becoming integrated with everything we do.

So the concept of being able to make money with apps is certainly a concept to be taken seriously. In the past few months I have been approached with several app based income opportunities. As is the case with business, some are going to make it. Most will not.

RippLN spread like wildfire in Game of Thrones - But the Red Flags raised by Chris Voss make this an app business that we all may want to avoid!

Watch The Video from Chris Voss Right Now! -  RippLN Red Flags Raised by Chris Voss

Business people making emotional decisions is nothing new... People usually make emotional decisions in most areas of their lives, rather than logical decisions. So it's no surprise that when people SAW the website, saw the videos, signed up and got into the back office - they were SO Impressed that they started getting a Real Fear of Loss.

Fear of Loss is much more motivating than Promise of Gain.

Sure we all want to make money with apps, but when you can add fear of loss to it, you can get people to move - and do things that may not be logical.

I'll give you an example.

JUST last night I came across an Energy Drink backed by a Powerful Brand name that has been around for over 50 years - IT was free to lock a spit with this new MLM company launching in May - so I did that.

However, I had no plans to tell anyone about it until I got a chance to investigate it. My plans were to take my time since I had a couple of weeks. But, just a few hours later, it seems the information was going Viral. This meant I was going to have to look into it sooner, than later.

What we found out is, the BIG name company was NOT actually backing this NEW MLM - They were just paying for licensing from the brand - so a lot of False Marketing is going on right now, and that means trouble. The people who are already going crazy promoting this, are going to get a rude awakening when they discover they're being fooled.

We can all buy the same energy drink for less, sell it ourselves through a blog like LevelOneNetwork - and make 10 Times The Commissions, than we'd make Signing up as a distributor for an MLM based on a product that isn't even OWNED by the brand they are representing.

Now, this story I am sharing has nothing to do with how you can make money with apps.

However, if you wanted to make money with apps and got sucked into the hype of RippLN due to your lack of research; We want to refer you to a mobile app that pays - One that is not marketing false hopes.

The Marketing Funnel is not as flashy but, They've Paid Out Several Times. That is really what matters. When a company does what they promise to do, that's a company you want to be aligned with. When we look at RippLN, lots of promises are being made, without any real information on if they will be able to deliver.

This Mobile App Opportunity Is Paying Now!

What is "Bait and Switch" all about?

Realizing that I spoke a lot about how you can make money with apps simply by getting positioned in the right place - I didn't speak much to the possibility of this being a bait and switch - this refers to using the rippln opportunity as bait - only to SWITCH things up later, when it comes time to actually roll this all out. Sadly this kind of thing happens more often than it should.

This is a lot different from what we have already seen with the Inspired Living App - a business model that is $10/mo to be an affiliate; however people Can get this app for Free, right now - They cannot make money with apps like the affiliates can; but they do get to use the app with the option of upgrading to a customer later - for access to archived messages. They also have the option to upgrade to an affiliate, so they can make money of course. This is the total opposite of what we're seeing with rippln, at least, at this time. While there are red flags, at least for me - there is still the chance it can turn into a real opportunity.

It sounds like Rippln will be similar to iLA - with the free option; and the upgrade/upsell aspects as well - however the Price of the Upgrade may deter people from taking Rippln seriously as a way to make money with apps. Clearly we're big fans of the inspired living app - especially since they are Paying Out Now. The other opportunity looks nice, sounds good - but we're still waiting to see it come into fruition.

Now there are several other ways to make money with apps - what we've been discussing here, is a business model that the WallStreetJournal calls Freemium - a term that we saw in a recent conversation On their Website "Discussion: Making Money on Apps" - as they are also keeping their eye on the emerging app industry - The Freemium term describes a business model that gives something away for free, like an app for example - and then hopes to upsell it's members on much better features with that app. Several other things to consider are also shared in the discussion on WSJ - it's always great to expand your knowledge on a topic - especially if you'd like to be successful in this area.

This post has been brought to you by ...

Make Money With Apps -

Perhaps now that you've read this, you no longer want to make money with rippln, and you're not interested in ila either - BUT you still want to make money with apps. The j3mobileapps opportunity allows you to do just that. Not only can you build your OWN app - but you can offer this to others - and make money with apps that other people get for their own needs. Thanks for dropping in - I hope you've found this to be informative and helpful.

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