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Al King - Is Kannaway Really The Best Way To Sell Hemp?


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Is Kannaway Really The Best Way To Sell Hemp?
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by Al King

Is Kannaway Really The Best Way To Sell Hemp?

Kannaway has gotten off to a great start with its prelaunch campaign. The marketing in my opinion has been fantastic. I mean the overall design (and speed) of their websites, the production of the videos for Kannaway have all been nothing but top notch. In spite of it all I still found myself asking "Is this really the best way to Sell Hemp?" 

As people began sharing Kannaway with me the first thing I noticed were the links people were passing around to the Hemp Network, a company I first heard about in 2009 during their pre-launch as well. The idea of selling hemp through 'hemp affiliates' is an unavoidable eventuality of the home based business industry. You and I must come to terms with this reality. EVERYTHING .......... absolutely everything Will be sold through Network Marketing - and the Home Business Industry. No way around it.

So Kannaway didn't shock or surprise me one bit - However I've chosen to Pass up this opportunity; and even dare go as far as to suggest YOU stay away from it as well. Kannaway is not the only way to sell hemp.

What Kannaway is however, is a great business lesson unfolding before our eyes. The company 'may' actually pan out. However the main issue is - the Kannaway products are Overpriced.

See, they are purchasing products from someone else - and making them available to the network to be purchased and re-sold. So basically what is happening in case you cannot see it clearly with your own eyes is you're being Sold the product at Retail - Kannaway is getting it wholesale directly from the makers of the products you (the distributor) will be buying each month.

Then your hope is to actually sell these products to others - Good luck with that!

Why would someone buy Kannaway Hemp based products at $50 to $125 -- if they can buy those same products (and more) for as low as $10 to $20?

See what Else I've had to say about Kannaway -

the kannaway opportunity is NOT the best way to sell hempLate in February I wrote  "Ripping into the Rippln Scam" - which admittedly is a lot about Rippln, but also lays into Kannaway as well. You'll get my full uncensored thoughts on the opportunity - along with a little back up to show you I might know what I'm talking about.  We all need a reason to listen to other people right? Well this article on the RippLn Scam (Bait and Switch) gives you reason to listen to me about Kannaway.

I also put together a Video which includes a glimpse at the early compensation plan for Kannaway - Watch it Below - Also feel free to align yourself with TopNetworkersGroup today - We're teaching things 'the right way' to help those of you in our industry approach & reach success. 

If you want to Sell Hemp there are plenty ways to do it. Kannaway, in my opinion, (at least at this time) is not one of them. Watch my Review Below! -

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