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Should You Join The Prosperity Team
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by Freddie Baumann

Should You Join The Prosperity Team?

I remember the good ole days in Empower!  There were no teams, and not everyone had a custom funnel to sell the funnel that sells the funnel that sells the funnel!

That was in the beginning when I could send 10 people to the Empower sales page and get an instant sign up!  Life was good and the sales were easy!

I was one of the unfortunate people that joined Empower under the Dave’s!  When I joined I thought I would be at an advantage being directly under Dave Wood.  This was before I realized how huge EN would get and that I would not ever be able to get in contact with my sponsor even though I was “ALL-IN”.

I don’t blame David Wood for my lack of success in Empower (I only made about $12,000).  But I think he does a disservice to the people that join him because there is no value in being part of his team especially when there are teams like the Prosperity Team that offer so much value to their members.

I stopped promoting Empower so you don’t have to worry about me trying to get you on to my competing EN team.  I now focus all of my energy into Level One Network because I feel the training in superior to EN and the culture feels a little less like high school. (I'm refferring to the cliques and jokes).

Back to the initial reason why I wrote this post, “Should You Join The Prosperity Team” over other EN teams such as Team Take Massive Action ,The Dream Team, or Big Idea Mastermind?

The truth is that you should be able to succeed with what ever team you pick.  I think Team Take Massive Action, Big Idea Mastermind, and The Prosperity Team all offer their members great leadership and training above and beyond what comes in Empower Network.

Prosperity Team will give you a custom capture page and sales funnel along with Google hangouts with the top leaders and membership sites filled with other marketing and mindset training.

My problem with teams like Prosperity Team is that I have exposed a lot of people to Empower and I have noticed many of those people popping up on Facebook that are all of a sudden a part of Prosperity Team when I was the one in fact that showed them Empower Network in the first place.

Obviously these people are sponsor shopping.  That means that another person exposes them to an opportunity then they go and seek out who ever they think will “make them successful”.

I’m not hating on Prospertiy Team for this.  Prosperity Team has a great group of leaders and they deserve the people that go out and sponsor shop them.  It just started to rub me the wrong way.  It really puts the little guy at a disadvantage when all of your prospects can do a quick Google search or seek out other people on Facebook after you spent all of your time, effort and money to expose them to EN!

The great thing about Empower is that is gives people exposure when they are successful.  But that is a double edge sword.  Because once they get the exposure that they deserve, all of your marketing efforts will indirectly benefit teams like the Prosperity Team and Team Take Massive Action.

All it takes is a couple Google searches and your initial marketing efforts will be wasted as your prospect will be easily swept up by the exposure that the Prosperity Team gets from the back office of Empower as well as the main blog of Empower and the Monday night Empower Hour calls that are often hosted by top leaders in Empower.

That being said I would highly recommend that you join the Prosperity team if you are going to proceed with joining Empower!  You will get great leadership and training from them!




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