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15k Formula Review
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by Freddie Baumann

15 Formula Review

OK, so you just bought into the Empower Network.  Dave Wood hypnotized you into buying the blogging system.  He made you feel like you had to have the inner circle in order to be successful.  You shelled out $500 for the Costa Rican Intensive even though it didn’t really teach you how to make money.  Now your upline is telling you that in order to make the big bucks you must get the 15K formula!

Before I give you my review on the 15K formula I have to be completely up front with you.  I am no longer promoting Empower.  I have found a new home with Level One where the training is more newbie friendly.  I made about 12K with Empower and I appreciate everything I learned.  I have all of the products  including the 15k formula so I feel I am educated to write this review.

Do You Need The 15K Formula?

In my opinion, if you are serious about making money with Empower then you MUST have the 15K formula. It is the best training in the entire back office.  I think it is more valuable then the Costa Rican Intensive and the Master’s Course.

The 15K Formula unlike the rest of the products in the Empower back office will actually give you step by step instructions on getting traffic, leads and sales of EN.  It actually does an OK job on teaching blogging.  But if you really want to learn how to get first page rankings, then I suggest that you switch to Level One Network.  But that is for a different post.

The 15K Formula teaches you how to do content marketing and syndication.  It teaches you how to do SEO.

David Wood covers goal setting and keys to effective video marketing.  There is some great content on how to do powerful e-mail follow up from Tony Rush and Aaron Rashkin.

They cover Solo Ads and how to get a ton of traffic with them.

The 15K formula covers how to build a cult following with Tracey Walker.

Literally, all of the top earners in Empower get on this training and spill the beans on how to generate traffic, leads and sales.  I think out of all the products in the back office that the 15K formula has the most value for your money.  In fact, if you are reading this before you buy anything I would say get the 15K formula before you get the Costa Rican Intensive.  You will learn much more in the 15K formula course.

They also leave in the old content from the original 15K formula.  That way you can access the magazine ad training and the upselling video that David Wood did.  I’m not sure why they kept some of the archived material.  It is not up to date and it will just confuse most people!

I think this course IS worth $1000.  Not just because you can make $1000 commissions (that is always nice).  I think it has real value where many of the products in Empower leave much to be desired.







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