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Terence Williams - Mca Scam Alert: June 1st, 2013


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Mca Scam Alert: June 1st, 2013
Business Opportunities
by Terence Williams

MCA Scam Alert - June 1st 2013 

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MCA Scam Alert: MCA Scam Revealed. Unlike many articles on the internet, I'm about to reveal some real proof of a MCA scam I have come across and yes, it truly involves a MCA, scam. The first thing I would like to discuss is Motor Club of America being accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Well, for starters I have learned that this company is NOT BBB Accredited in the entire United States or Canada. So why are so many people saying that they are accredited? This MCA scam thing is about to take a turn.

Here A MCA Scam, There A MCA Scam, Everywhere A MCA Scam.

Motor Club of America Scam? Inquiring minds would like to know, however, keep your MCA scam antennas on and we will get to that momentarily. First, I think it's important to understand who exactly is the Better Business Bureau, and what do they do.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust,[1] consisting of 113 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) in Washington, D.C.[2] In 2012, the BBB celebrated its 100th anniversary.[3] *Wiki*


MCA A Scam? Let's continue...

So the BBB is NOT a government agency! The BBB does not investigate companies. They are a Business grader based upon THEIR grading criterion. If you call Motor Club of America yourself they will tell you 'We are not a member of the BBB, (800-227-6459) which is required to become accredited by the BBB. So in other words you have to 'Pay To Play' when it comes to the Better Business Bureau. You cannot receive a A+ rating unless you become a BBB member, pay the appropriate dues, and agree to the terms of their membership, which require you to arbitrate any disputes within BBB guidelines. Still smelling a MCA scam?


Motor Club of America Scam - Reality Check

For those of you who still don't get it let me ask you this. Are you human? Because I don't think you are. But if you pay me $500 and follow my rules I'll show everyone your human because I'm in the business of identifying REAL HUMANS. Sounds silly right? Truth is you don't need my Approval or Accreditation to know you are human and neither should anyone else if they do their own simple research on a company themselves instead of going with what the masses say, do or think. In the same manner: A BBB rating is generally acquired and used by companies which have NO OTHER MEANS by which prospective customer/members can determine their legitimacy. Motor Club of America does not need the BBB to determine it's legitimacy as a business no more then you need me to tell you that you are human.

The question still remains: Is MCA a Scam?

Motor Club of America Alert:

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MCA Scam vs The Facts:

In my research I have found quite a few main facts that everyone should be looking for instead of relying on a company like the BBB who is seemly the real MCA scam here (more on this in a bit). Lets look at 5 factors I have found out while researching and you tell me is it a MCA scam or fact?

  • Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. is qualified to do business and
    licensed as a motor club in all 50 states and Canada. MCA Scam or Fact?
  • MCA is held in good standing in all states. MCA Scam or Fact?
  • MCA is regulated by the Insurance Commissioners in 49 states and by the Secretary of State in Texas. MCA Scam or Fact?
  • MCA operates under surety bonds totaling over $2,500,000.00 which are held by the states to ensure their performance. MCA Scam or Fact?
  •  If MCA were not in good standing in all states and Canada they could not operate nationwide. MCA Scam or Fact?

Are you beginning to see a MCA scam, or a BBB scam. I'm not finding people on the internet that claim a real MCA scam because of any business practices involving MCA. No MCA scam based of things like the company NOT doing what they say they will. No MCA scam based on people not getting paid weekly and residual income like the company say you will be. However I do find years upon years of complains against the Better Business Bureau. Some are listed online over the past decade. You can find hundreds more by doing a Google search.

MCA a scam? Not hardly! But watch this 20/20 Special News Report on the Better Business Bureau and decide if there is a MCA scam or a BBB scam!


MCA Scam Alert: Better Business Bureau 20/20 Investigation


Motor Club of America Scam? The Conclusion

The More I searched the less I found a MCA scam. But I keep finding bad things about the BBB. Including a article done this year by Time Magazine entitled: Why the Better Business Bureau should give itself a bad grade. With all the bad things I read about the BBB, I would never consider paying this company for anything! And certainly not to let others know if I am real or if I do good business. So for once and all let's put a end to this MCA scam business. If there is a MCA scam why is the IRS steady doing taxes for thousands of Independent MCA Contractors like myself? Why haven't the government jumped in and stopped this so called MCA scam? Because there is no MCA scam. WAKE UP PEOPLE and smell the opportunity!!! Stop calling MCA a scam.

Stop letting what you don't know get in the way of a great and rewarding future! When you see a MCA scam posted here or a MCA scam posted there on the internet, is the person telling you MCA a scam?. Of course not! And that's the same thing I'm telling you right now. Join MCA Today. It would be a scam not to! :) And stop calling MCA a scam without the proof to prove it.

There Is No MCA Scam!


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