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Marcin Myslinski - Infinity 2 Global I2g Review - Unusual Business Opportunity That You Can Be Proud Of



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Infinity 2 Global I2g Review - Unusual Business Opportunity That You Can Be Proud Of
Business Opportunities
by Marcin Myslinski

Infinity 2 Global Review 

Dear reader, give me five minutes and you will discover why this unusual program offered by Infinity 2 Global gives exceptional opportunity for ordinary people.

If you struggle to make money online, if you are fed up of getting involved in the companies that collapse like a house of cards or are not paying after you invested your hard earned money and you feel lost and not sure where to turn, this just might be the most important information you’ll ever read...

What would you say if I told you could find a solution that will take your life to the next level and beyond... While making money on the autopilot?

Infinity 2 Global I2G logo

Ok, let’s move on to the details...

What is Infinity 2 Global and what does it offer?

Infinity 2 Global (I2G) is a multimillion dollar online casino that successfully prospers in nearly all the countries across the globe. The company came up with intelligent concept that they will let ordinary people have piece of a pie that they have been serving only to insiders so far.

By saying in another words it means that from now on you can participate in revenue sharing of Infinity 2 Global I2G, which is like owning stocks of the casino!

As you probably know already, gambling is the part of human DNA and people have been playing in casinos for decades and there is no such thing on this planet that is going to stop it.

I’m sure you are aware of the proven fact that Las Vegas attracts hundreds of millions of people every year.  And so is online gaming...

Online casinos is 45 billion dollar a year business and statistics predict that it will triple in the next 2-3 years. This fact itself makes the investments in this sort of business probably the best performing as you can get and in the matter of safety and longevity it is far better than anything else out there.

Yes... This industry is huge and demand for online gaming gets constantly bigger and bigger.

And with Infinity 2 Global I2G you don’t do any gambling! You get pay when other play...

I2G’s customers have variety of games to pick from such as live dealer black jack, live baccarat live roulette and non live dealer games such as slot machines, lotteries, steeple chase and more fun i2g games.

So the amount of money that is coming to the company is growing like crazy!

With Infinity 2 Global I2G you can make money in six different ways as this is also network marketing program! You will get all the details in a minute from the video I have placed few paragraphs bellow.

And this is still not all...

Infinity 2 Global also created revolutionary piece of software called I2G touch which allows you to control all of your social networks from one place!

Here is small video showing benefits of the software:


Yes...Infinity 2 Global I2G made marketers dreams come true...

I’ve been doing online business for nearly four years now and I saw many different programs, but I never saw so unique and idea that makes so much sense.


As you start to ponder all of that you will undesrtand that this is extraordinary opportunity that could change your and your family life forever.

Just think about it for a second how much money casinos generate everyday and imagine how would you feel knowing that you have a piece of that.

Do you start to realise the power of Infinity 2 Global?

And let me tell you one significant fact...

 Another company like Infinity 2 Global does not exist! There is no another online casino that offers you share rev and network marketing programs.

Do you know what does it mean?

If you are the marketer, I don’t have to tell you that HOT product sell itself, especially if there is no competition out there!

Thats why Infinity 2 Global I2G has been growing with the speed of light since day 1...

If you wonder who is behind Infinity 2 Global, and what legal documents the company has, I’m going explain it all to you quickly.

The CEO and founder of Infinity 2 Global I2G is Rick Maike who has over 25 years experience in the network marketing industry. This man is the owner of other companies that have generated over $100 million in sales.

International Marketing Director of Infinity 2 Global I2G is Richard Anzalone with over 24 years of experience in the network marketing industry.

Regarding legal aspects, Infinity 2 Global has a tier 1 or class 1 online gambling licence which means that the company was approved more less on the entire globe. This is a dream of every online casino and it allows I2G  to rightfully serve customers in all countries where online gambling is legal.

Infinity 2 Global casino is very popular across the globe and in very near future online gambling will be also legalised in the US, which means that market for I2G will be even bigger than it is already. And as you can assume, so will company’s and members profits.

Infinity 2 Global Review - I2G compensation plan.

Infinity 2 Global has very attractive compensation plan and the company shares 75% of profits with distributors.

As I mentioned previously, in Infinity 2 Global I2G there are 6 different income streams:

1st  Fast start bonus where you get 10% commission from every sale on your personal referral in I2G.

2nd  Binary income where you receive a commission every time you have $300 in volume on your I2G right and left legs.

3rd  Matching bonus where you receive a matching commission of your personal referral at certain percentage and down to different levels accordingly to the package you purchased.

4th  Leadership bonus which is one time, large sum that you get once your reach certain rank levels within I2G. To reach the next promotion level you must have a certain amount of volume in your downline.

5th  Leadership pools which you get for every each of the rank levels you share in more of the i2g casino profits 5% more per promotion.

6th  50% Casino’s profit share for life for all the members who will get emperor level.

Joining price to the Infinity 2 Global is very affordable. There are 4 different packages in Infinity 2 Global and each of them have different benefits:

1. Novice which cost $100 one time fee

2.  Player which cost $400 one time fee

3.  High roller which cost $600 one time fee

4. Emperor which cost $5000 one time fee. First 5000 members who will purchase this position will benefit share in 50% of the i2g online casino profits for life.

To keep your downline volume growing and secure your residual income there are monthly auto ship fees which are only $50 for novice and $60 for every level above that. This is truly low price compare to this that with Infinity 2 Global you get basically winning offer.

There is also small fee for I2G Touch software in a sum of $19.95 per year.

The biggest beauty of Infinity 2 Global I2G binary system is that half your downline is built by the spill over that comes from your upline. There is absolutely no option to fail with I2G. The only way that you can fail is by taking no action and not joining. With this amazing binary spill over building the team is so easy that even a child can do it J

I’ve been with the program for only two weeks and what can I say... This is huge advantage and it is very pleasant experience watching like your downline is basically exploding everyday even when you sleep.  

Don’t take my word for it...

Please feel free to watch video bellow to see detailed information about Infinity 2 Global I2G compensation plan which will explain to you how you can dynamically change your life and multiple your income with this mind blowing program.

Infinity 2 Global Review - Overview Video

So, Infinity 2 Global I2G is a ground floor opportunity as the launch of Infinity 2 Global was on 13th of August 2013 and building the downline is very easy. The company spreads its wings so dynamically that even inexperienced marketers blast mind boggling 200k earnings in just two months!

Yes..., the system has proved itself already. Even it exists only such a short period of time.

Do you start to understand the potential of your income with Infinity 2 Global?

So let’s recap. Here is a small sample of what you’ll get with I2G:

-       You’ll have an opportunity to make brilliant money fast with  the company with truly solid roots

-       Casino industry gives you guarantee of longevity and the comfort of sustainability of your income (by the way Infinity 2 Global  I2G current customer – distributor ratio is 70:1 and it is expected to be much higher in the near future)

-       Infinity 2 Global I2G gives you multiple income source (6 different ways)

-       On the top of that you get excellent piece of software that makes your life much easier in a matter of controlling your social media platforms (which amount is constantly growing).


I am the member of the largest team in I2G and we are strong group of committed entrepreneurs. We have regular google hangouts, secret Facebook groups, tons of trainings and we support each other. Here are some sample of benefits that you’ll have when you join my team:

-       You will get for free loads of marketing resources that cost hundreds of dollars

-       You will get for free advanced tips and tricks that marketing gurus don’t want you to know

-       We’ll take you by the hand to help you to grow your business if you will have any difficulty

-       You will get free trainings and coaching that will help you boost your income fast

-       You will get a lot of personal development resources far beyond the law of attraction. (I’m the personal development coach with many years of experience)

What else can I say...

The only way to find out how this program can be truly beneficial for you is to join it.

By taking no action you possibly letting the biggest opportunity in your life to pass you by right at the front of your nose...

Have you ever been curios how would that be to be finally really successful and be able to live the life of your dreams?

Well... With Infinity 2 Global this is more than possible and this is only the matter of time until this company will dominate network marketing industry.

 Decision is yours.  This is remarkable opportunity and perfect timing and as you know, the timing is crucial. Don’t be left behind and allow yourself to take control over your destiny. The happiness and colourful life will come true...

Take the action NOW!

Join the winners team. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

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To Your Success

Marcin Myslinski

  The End Of Infinity 2 Global Review.


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