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David Sammon - Google Redirect Virus Removal - Step By Step Instructions


David Sammon

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Google Redirect Virus Removal - Step By Step Instructions
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by David Sammon

What Is The Google Redirect Virus?

google redirect virus removal tool guideTo put it simply, the google redirect virus removal is a form of malware. This is basically bad software (hence the term MALware) that has gotten into your computer through the internet, and is now taking over your browsers. This can be one of the most frustrating forms of malware out there. Yes, there are many different forms of malware. Many of us have malware on our computer and are not even aware of it. Not all malware is as obvious and frustrating as the google rediret virus.

How easy is it to remove?

This is a very relative question. For savvy computer users it is a very simple process. For those of you who are not as well versed with your computer it can be a little more frustrating to remove on your own. It can also lead to more damage if you are not careful with what you are doing. I would highly recommend spending a little bit of money and getting a Google Redirect Virus removal program that can do this for you. Trust me when i say, the cost is nothing compared to the damage you could do if you are not VERY careful. For more information on a great software go here:

Which Virus Do I Have?

There are actually 2 different google redirect virus removal methods that can be on your computer. One is a TDSS Trojan, and the other is a generic virus.

Whats the difference? The generic virus is very easys to remove. It is generally just stored in your browsers settings. The TDSS Trojan is much more difficult. It hides a file on your computer, which is why Anti Virus programs struggle with it so much. In order to figure out which one you have, you need to remove the generic one first, then if you still have issues you need to remove the TDSS Trojan.

Before we get started I would recommend downloading CCleaner. This is a free program that will help clear out your cache and cookies so we can properly clean everything.

Here is a little more information on the virus and a video version of a manual removal.

The Generic Google Redirect Virus Removal

Chrome:  Click in the upper right corner, and select settings. Under settings you are going to go down to “Search” and see which site it currently has selected. If you have never heard of the browser before, select “Manage Search Engines”. A new window will open and you need to delete the current one, and make google the default.

Next you will go back up to the top, under “On Startup” you are going to go to the bulllett point that is labeled; open a specific page or set of pages. Next to it should be hyperlinked text that says “set pages”, click on that.

If you do not recognize these pages, delete them and set google as the default. Once you have done all of this, download CCleaner, run it, and restart your computer.

Thats it!

What do you do if you do all of this and you are still need Google Redirect virus removal assitance? Go here for more information:


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