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Joshua Jacobs - Ds Domination Review - Why You Shouldn't Join


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Ds Domination Review - Why You Shouldn't Join
Business Opportunities
by Joshua Jacobs

DS Domination Review - Why You Shouldn't Join

DS Domination Review - Intro
There only two reasons you shouldn't join DS Domination. 
  1. You are lazy and can't even bring yourself to do 15 minutes of work per day.
  2. You over complicate things and try to turn something that is so simple into the most difficult task. 
If you are willing to do at least 15 minutes of work per day and follow a simple copy and paste system, you need to join this business. You literally can't afford not to join. Read through this post to see why. 
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DS Domination Review - The Best Decision You Can Ever Make
I don't want to waste your time with hype or telling you how this business is growing faster than anything else (because it is). I just simply want to lay out some facts and prove to you that this is the best business you can possibly start. 
At the time of writing this post, DSD members have a success rate of 83% in the first thirty days. That means that 83% of all DS Domination members are in profit in their first 30 days! It's no secret that over 90% of people that start an internet business fail and usually fail quickly. Well with an 83% success rate, we not only beat the odds, we crush them. 
DSD also has a member retention rate of over 90% at the Elite level which is a monthly residual commission. If you're looking to build on the affiliate side, you can't ask for a better retention rate than that. High retention rates means long lasting residual income and this is the highest I've ever seen. 
Those two numbers alone sold me on this business, but I'll go on. 
DS Domination Review - Why Is It So Successful?
DSD is so successful because the digital product trainings actually teach you how to make money drop shipping on eBay. All of these other companies are solely based on recruiting. If you can't recruit, you can't make money. Well in DSD, they don't even mention an affiliate program unless you click on the affiliate tab in the back office. This company is dedicated to showing you how to make a full time income whether it's $5,000 per month or $50,000 per month without ever having to recruit one person. That is the number one reason why DSD has an 83% success rate. 
Remember how Empower Network was a game changer with it's 100% commissions? Well this is a game changer with not having to recruit a single person. I believe this company will grow faster and larger then Empower because the potential for stability is greater. 
DS Domination Review - Team Results
We have had 131 people join our team just this week alone. Check out the image below.
131 new people added
You can wait as long as you want to join but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be able to start getting a piece of the profits like my team members below.
This is so easy. Think about it... speaking very conservatively even if you only averaged a $20 profit per day (extremely conservative), you'd still be making $600 per month. 90% of people online cannot even make $100 per month. With DSD, instead of a 90% failure rate there's almost a 90% success rate. 
Read about my personal results and how I got 75 commissions my first month in this DS Domination Review.
DS Domination Review - Team Benefits
One of the reasons our team is so successful is because of the resources we provide them with. We provide a free marketing system and training site that is supplemental to what DSD offers. We have over 10 high converting capture pages, quality solo ad providers, training on every type of marketing there is, eBay tips and extra money savers, and a lot more. 
Right after joining our team, you will have immediate access to all of that. 
I really can't think of one reason why someone wouldn't join this company and our team. For only $20, the team membership site and tools you'll receive is worth it alone. 
DS Domination Review - Contact Me
Still not convinced? Give me a call or shoot me an email.
Josh Jacobs
To YOUR Success,
Josh Jacobs
DS Domination Review

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