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David Liciaga - Wakeupnow - Is Wake Up Now A Scam?


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Wakeupnow - Is Wake Up Now A Scam?
Multi Level Marketing
by David Liciaga

There is a new MLM in town by the name of Wake Up Now.  As with many mlm companies, there are a lot of "scam" claims that are going around.  Although I know that there have been pyramids in the past that have toppled, Zeek Rewards comes to mind, Multi Level Marketing was sanctioned as a viable business model by the US Government back in 1979 (after spending millions of tax payers dollars to take Amway to court).

So let's examine Wake Up Now in depth, and just so you know, the term wakeupnow will be used interchangeably through this blog post.

Wake Up NowSo first things first, every single person that comes into Wake Up Now is considered an Independent Business Owner, or an IBO for short.  The get a suite a of software products and company specific discounts that are only available to wakeupnow members.

Let's examine the products one by one:


Wake Up Now Products:

  1. Taxbot - This product is available in the worldwide market place already as an application at the price of $19.95/m.  The software connects with your smart phone and takes photos of receipts and keeps a running tally of all business related tax deductions.  The software can be accessed via web or smart phone, but when accessed through your smart phone also attaches to the GPS to maximize your mileage deduction for business miles driven.

    The software was developed by Sandy Botkin, a former trainer for auditors of the IRS and a current CPA and Tax attorney.  He delivers trainings on how to maximize your tax deductions and lower your tax liability.  The average Wake Up Now member is able to save between $200-$300 on their taxes a month!
  2. Wakeupnow Finance - This software product is a Wake Up Now exclusive.  It attaches to your bank accounts and your debt accounts so that it can come up with a repayment plan to get you out of debt 2x faster.  While Wake Up Now Finance is exclusive, similar softwares are on the market at several price points.
  3. TellMeMore - Wake Up Now partnered with TellMeMore to bring their award winning language learning software to the suite products.  This product retails for $42/m/language.

    As a member of Wake Up Now, you get access to the following languages:
    • English (American)
    • English (British)
    • Spanish (South American)
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • German
    • Italian
    • French
    • Chinese
    • Dutch​
  4. Wake Up Now Protect - This software product is another licensed software by wakeupnow.  Developed by Invisus, it provides credit monitoring, credit restoration, virus protection, identity theft monitoring and identity theft restoration services.  Though this is included in your Wake Up Now membership, this normally retails for $29.95/m.

Convinced that Wake Up Now is the Right Business For You:

Wake Up Now Scam

I know that you might have stumbled on this page by searching for "Wake Up Now Scam", but I can assure you that this is no scam at all.  Even if Wake Up Now had no other benefits, the software about would be worth it.

Let's take a look at the other bonuses:

  1. Wake Up Now Vacation Club - Every year, you are entitled to take up to 10 weeks of discounted vacation at a wakeupnow vacation club property.  Savings average between 50%-90% off normal resort rates.  Week long vacations can be booked for as little as $120 for 6 people, and there will never be a timeshare presentation.
  2. Wake Up Now Marketplace - through the relationships built with thousands of retailers, wakeupnow members enjoy cash back deals and exclusive offers.  Cash back is deposited into your commissions.
  3. Wake Up Now Corporate Discounts - through its relationships with Verizon and AT&T, wakeupnow members save 22% on their wireless bills every month.
  4. Wake Up Now Free - every week, new free deals are added in the wakeupnow hub.  These can range in value, but free is free.  And, members get 3 free magazine subscriptions as well.


The compensation plan is unlike anything that I've seen, but as I'm writing this one post about wake up now, I realize that I have gotten a little long winded.  Perhaps on the next time.

But after taking a look at the products, there is no reason to be concerned with a Wake Up Now Scam, because there is no scam at all.  Just massive savings on things that people use and buy every day.



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